Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Unseen Cost of Credit Cards

Think you have your credit card under control? If you pay your balances off each month or use your card outside of the country to save on exchange rates then you should check these articles out.

CBC Marketplace has recently done a few segments on credit cards companies that everyone should watch. From extra fees on foreign exchange rates to paying your balance on the due date, you might not be getting the deal you think you are.

CBC Marketplace "Card Tricks" will get you up to speed on the fine print in your Cardholder's Agreement - Partial Payment, Currency Conversion Fees, Interest Rate Increases and Payment Due Dates are a few of the topics this article will open your eyes to. All are charges that credit card companies try to keep hidden.

CBC News "Negotiating a Lower Credit Card Rate" - Want to pay the credit card companies less money? They say it never hurts to ask...some found that it helps.

CBC Money Talks - Advice for those drowning in credit card debt explains the trouble of credit card debt and what to do if it is getting you down.

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