Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Putting Your House To Work

You work hard your whole life to build equity in your home. Chance are, it will be the single largest purchase you will ever make. Most invest 20-30 years paying for it and the interest paid during that time can cost as much as you paid for your house. Sometimes even more.

So why not turn the tables? Many will continue through the drudgery of being subject to their mortgage for much longer than they should. It is quite fitting when you consider that the term "mortgage" comes from an old French legal term meaning "dead pledge". Simple action today could break those chains.

The process is simple and sound when it is implemented properly and with the right tools and advice. Much like a power saw, leveraging has the ability to substantially speed up your progress and can be quite dangerous in the wrong hands. Proper training, care and attention make these tools an excellent way to leverage your efforts.

That is where I can help. With access to the proper tools, like secure bonds with fixed double digit returns and loans that are free of margin-calls, I have the expertise to help you get safely on the right path, the first time.

We can start by sitting down to discuss what options suit you best. Once I have explained the details to you, I will insist you take it home and sleep on it for a few days. When you are ready, you call me. If you feel it is right for your future, then we will proceed.

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