Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rate Increases on your Health and Dental plans

You get one almost every year - a rate hike on your health and dental plan.  Companies will quote low to get your business and then raise the premium year after year.

Did you know that the company offering your health and dental plan charges anywhere from 30-50% more than what you actually spend on your claims?  It is something called a stop-loss ratio and it is built in for the "what if's" that they may have to pay out.

Right now in Alberta over 20,000 businesses and 50,000 families are using an alternative that only charges a fixed 10% and give you far more flexibility on what you can purchase.  Imagine, 100% coverage on your prescription drugs, your teenagers braces covered at 100%, or making additional trips to the chiropractor, naturopath or massage therapist - the choice is yours (see this list of allowable items).

Plans can take on whatever form is most important to you or your employees and are easily scaled from a single business owner to hundreds of employees.  There are also nifty add on's like Exceptional Expense Insurance, Travel Insurance and Snowbird Insurance.

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