Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Canadian Oil Boom: Infographic

Alberta wasn't even 1% of the worlds oil reserves until 2003. That changed with the introduction of the new SAGD extraction process...

The Canadian Oil Boom: Introduction to the Alberta oil sands


  1. Interesting infographic that displays Canada's rise in the oil production sector. Canada's economy is sure to prosper with the newly discovered oil sands, and North America will have security with purchasing oil. However, will the consequences outweigh the benefits? Will the oil sands cause so much pollution and harm to the environment that the oil production becomes valueless?

  2. I think you are right on both counts. The big debate over the coming years (we hope) will be to become responsible for our economic output in relation to the environmental impact. Awareness has improved substantially in the last few years. I only hope that the two sides can be claborative rather than antagonistic - time is our greatest resource and the thought of wasting it only prolongs the current rate of harm.